What Our Clients Say

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Nana Brammer was amazing in my divorce case. Towards the end it got very tedious, and she did an amazing job of handling it and making sure everything was taken care of well. I appreciate her patience with me, and also the team behind her is so friendly as well. I would recommend her to anyone!

Lauren B.
I highly recommend Addair Law if you’re at Fort Riley. Mr. Vinduska and Sherilyn handled my case with care and professionalism. They have years of experience representing service members facing legal issues similar to mine. Their familiarity with Kansas law and the local courts is evident. I could always reach them by phone or email if I had questions. I’m truly grateful for the positive outcome and resolution of my case. Best law firm in Manhattan. 5/5 stars. 🌟
Reymond R.

If you find yourself in need of a lawyer, do not hesitate to contact the Addair Law firm. The firm came highly recommended by a close friend who had a similar legal issue as I was facing, and had their charges dismissed. Although my situation was more severe, Tom, Logan, and their team, treated me with the utmost respect and compassion. They responded quickly to every concern I had, and went out of their way to make me feel as though they had as much to lose as I had if they didn’t fight as hard as they did. They succeeded in getting me the best outcome possible for my situation and their fees were more than fair. A special shout out to Miss Bella Hager for her tireless effort in responding to my concerns…even after hours. Thank you.

Ronald O.

I’ve had to use the services of Addair Law on two separate occasions–years apart. Both occasions ended with positive results. I have been pleased each time.

DeShaun R.

This office has been nothing but amazing to me!!! Ask for Kyli! She helped me so much and she’s the sweetest person to have help you. She’s very understanding and so on top of it she made sure she saw my case through until we reached the results that i needed!!! If I still lived in that area and ever needed legal help again, I would NOT go anywhere else!!! Amazing & 5 stars!!!

Brandi S.

I had Seth Brackman work on a case for me and I just have to say that he is a true professional. Knowledgeable, gets to the point, and will fight for you if you’re willing to help him out with what he needs along the way. I wouldn’t choose anyone else when selecting a defense attorney, and I would send anyone who needs one his way. A lawyer with a lot of talent, and Addair Law is lucky to have him.

Cole M.

This place was amazing and so helpful. Gabriella and Taylor were always there for me when I needed something – quick responses and answered all my questions in such a respectful manner. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Joel C.

I would very highly recommend Addair Law. This law firm, along with attorney Logan, did an outstanding job. I was charged and arrested on 5 bogus charges by Grandview Plaza P.D. and they got all charges dismissed without me setting foot in a courtroom. I pled no contest to the one charge I had already admitted to committing (open container). So if you need a law firm that will get the job done, then give them a call.

Jerrod F.

I just wanted to leave a review for Addair Law, specifically Kyli. She has been so helpful with an issue I’ve had in Hiawatha Kansas, where I was essentially pulled over in my driveway for expired registration that I got renewed hours later online, but during the stop, I also got my car searched for “no reason” (as stated by the officer) and was written a false ticket for not having insurance when I had insurance the entire time. I contacted their office for advice and to see if I should have someone appear with me, or what we could do. She was automatically sympathetic and helpful right off the bat, and contacted the court for me right away to try to figure things out. I will be forever appreciative of this firms willingness to help right away and will be going to them if I ever have any other legal troubles! For me personally, it means the world that you were willing to help me Kyli!

Nicole M.

After decades of regret over a youthful mistake, I finally found the key to unlocking a brighter future: Addair Law. Their expertise and responsiveness allowed me to overcome a barrier that had long blocked my law enforcement aspirations. When I explained my situation to Mr. Vinduska and Mrs. Garver, they didn’t just sympathize, they sprang into action with the urgency and compassion I so desperately needed. Despite the complexity of an out-of-state expungement, they swiftly guided me through every step, their reassurance easing my worries. When the expungement came through way sooner than I’d dared hope (1 week to be exact), I was overwhelmed with gratitude. This dedicated team had helped me reclaim my dreams. Thanks to Addair Law, that decades-old misstep will no longer define me. Now, with renewed optimism, I look forward to pouring my energy into a meaningful career in law enforcement. I only wish I’d turned to them sooner to unlock my full potential. Mr. Vinduska and Mrs. Garver, I cannot thank you both enough.

Danny P.

Jason Oxford is incredibly brilliant, kind, caring, and compassionate. He is thorough, explains things well, and responds promptly to questions and concerns. We are so grateful for the team at Addair Law.

Adrienne N.