Tom Addair

Tom Addair

Tom is one of the few lawyers in the state of Kansas who has been trained in DUI investigation and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing by the highway patrol. This is the exact same training that all police officers in the state must complete before they become patrol officers. In fact, Tom has taken his training above and beyond most police officers. He is one of the few certified instructors in this course here in Kansas.

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While Tom devotes every moment of his career to criminal law, he is not just a criminal defense lawyer. He also serves as the Municipal Judge in a small town near Manhattan. This makes him one of the few lawyers anywhere that has truly seen all sides of a criminal case. He has prosecuted. He has effectively defended. He has judged criminal cases. That is a level of experience that few lawyers can match!

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    Tom Addair
    Addair Law

    Thomas Addair graduated from Manhattan High School and Kansas State University. He attended law school at the University of Kansas. This is where Tom first became interested in criminal law and he represented the criminally accused through one of the law school’s clinics. This experience showed him early on that he wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer.

    On the way to a passionate career in law after graduation, Tom became the City Prosecutor for the city of Manhattan. This position gave him a great deal of experience in criminal law; experience that Tom now puts to use aggressively defending his clients. Not only did he gain a vast amount of trial experience, but he also received training in DUI investigations and other areas of criminal law available only to prosecutors. During his time as the City Prosecutor, the city of Manhattan began prosecuting marijuana charges. Tom developed the policies and procedures of drug prosecution still used by the city today.

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